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Sytec Group offers software solutions for the industrial automation able to control all robotics and electronic components making up an assembly in order to manage repetitive operations in a fast and efficient manner.

Innovative and flexible applications, ideal to implement automation on every productive area offering to customers the option to choose among several options: guided systems for the operator, advanced control and monitoring of processes, checking of errors, data collection, reports of traceability and recording of events.

Production Management Software

Sytec Group Software Solutions checks the workflow of the entire assembly line and of the Quality Gates. It allows to manage the product within the production process, in order to be able to identify and understand whether it is in the condition to be pushed to the following phase. Testers are inserted in the line context and every test can be carried out only if the product has passed the previous working stages. When exiting the line the product validation function provides for the product to be crossed checked based on the results of all tests performed, deciding its conformity to be used. A sequence of completely configurable complementary checks is carried out and the production is automatically stopped in case of excessive scraps or of dangerous dimensional deviations. Every step in the assembling chain can be provided, considering customer’s requirements, of simple movement checking systems or interfaces. The interfaces allow inserting and/or modify the parameters to be measured. Sytec Group Software Solutions oversees the traceability operations of the components; every part used in the mounting of the final product can be traced either when referred to the customer production batch, either through a label and a serial number designed to identify a series of finished product uni vocally. A connection to the customer’s PLC and the ERP/MES is essential in order to achieve a complete integration of the agreed objectives between the productive and the managerial departments with the aim to achieve common target agreed in terms of productive efficiency, costs control, waste management, etc.

Production Control Software

Sytec Group Software Solution is a fully configurable PC-based application to carry out a testing sequence associated to a product identified by reading its bar code. The testing sequence is created by configuring a series of tables. All the aspects required can be defined: which information to show on the video to the operator, which information should be read by the system transducers, which information shall be checked and which memorized. All the tests created can be re-used for other tests: for the same products or completely different ones with similar needs. Quality control can be provided with parameters also according to the firmware version that may be linked to the finished product. The solution can also include an “Andon” system; the notice board called Andon is one of the main elements of a system of quality check for which the concept of automation, The operator can choose to stop the production when a defect is found, in order to ask for immediate help. The common reasons for using an Andon system is the depletion of the components, a defect detected, a malfunctioning of a piece of equipment. The job is stopped until a solution is found. Sytec Group Application executes checking operations to verify if the measuring tools are working perfectly through Golden Samples required periodically and automatically from the system. Only when all tests are passed the tool is considered perfectly functioning. Thanks to different users profile within the same interface it is possible to execute periodic checks on the production line equipment. An intuitive machine diagnostic system completes the range of offers. A sequence of tests, which can be repeated up to a million times, can be configured parametrically in order to analyze the behavior of the components, simulating the use that is similar to their theoretical life. The testing bench will stop as soon as the conditions will be complied with or when al required actions are over. In any moment directly from their PC the appointed personnel can analyze and export the data collected during testing.

Data Collection and Analysis Software

All information is collected for a GOOD/FAIL evaluation and it gets stored on a relational database associated to the serial number of the specific product. The data collected by the testing equipments can be made available in the customer’s management system, in this way they can be used by all the people involved according to their operational needs and authorization granted by their information systems. When the SPS software of analysis is installed the data saved to the servers are transferred at predefined time spans to the customer’s information system.