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Household Components Assembly & Handling Bench Icona Pdf

The Household Components Assembly and Handling Bench combines assembly and testing solutions in a unique automatic isle reserved for a sub-group of households.

The operations performed on the bench are the following:

  • Manual loading/unloading of the product
  • Control of flatness of the closing surface of the product with the help of a laser sensor.
  • Loading the product : the antropomorphic robot transfer the OK piece to the proper seat.
  • Magnet insertion.
  • Magnet verification: a sensor verifies the exact orientation of the magnet (polarity) and its attraction force.
  • Coating magnet with resin.
  • Verification of resin coating : the 2D vision system verifies the correct uniform coating of the magnet and that no resin is out of the seat of the magnet.
  • Unloading the product.

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