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EOL Electric Gearmotors Testing Bench Icona Pdf

This application features configurable operative cycles to perform EOL functional tests on epicyclical gearboxes with integrated electric motor 15 kW maximum power, different power supply, up to 3000 Nm nominal torque.

The system includes the identification of the product entering the test bench through barcode reader, the integration with the Company IT network to receive the Product and order data and collect and manage the testing cycle key data and measurements.

Specific instruments and sensors for the tests cycles include digital milliohm tester and electrical safety tester, controlled motors and drives, phonometer and accelerometer, pressure transducers.

Configuration may include other specific instruments according to the requirements.

The base system configuration includes:

  • driving motor (integrated electric motor, speed control) and braking motor (torque control);
  • epicyclical gearbox (as a multiplier);
  • cinematic chain to connect the Product;
  • high rigidity precision seat for the Product;
  • hydraulic clamping of the Product interface plate to the bench;
  • interchangeable interface plates specific for different Products (mounted at the end of the assembly line);
  • hydraulically engaged clutch for brake tightness tests;
  • programmable power supply;
  • fast connection systems.

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Multiple Simultaneous Radio Frequency Testing Bench

The Multiple Simultaneous Radio Frequency Testing Bench originates from requests to conduct simultaneous testing of different products controlled via radio frequency within the same area and with a single transmission channel available, in configuration mode of the product itself. Each test station is put into an appropriately sized, specifically designed anechoic chamber to overcome the inevitable issues of overlapping radio signals, which are the cause of false rejects and long delays in the testing stages should the test be conducted synchronously among products.

Omitting specific product testing needs, the important aspect of this application is the specific study of the mechanical arrangement in order to reduce the number of openings in the test chamber and realisation of a controlling circuit specifically to transmit the desired signals.

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Electronic Boards Testing Bench

The Electronic Boards Testing Bench aims to measure the performance data of the electronic boards during prolonged operation under thermal stress. It is applied to a defined percentage of produced boards to validate the entire production batch.

Thermal stress simulates the harshest conditions in which the DUT will be used. The boards are put into a climatic chamber that can perform completely configurable and automatic thermoregulation cycles. Simultaneously, boards are cyclically powered, activating all the possible functions, thanks to the preparation of appropriate loads downstream. The Test Engineer adjusts the test sequence at will in order to replicate a typical operating sequence or simulating, when necessary, sequences that are harsher or considered critical.

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Tubular Motors Testing Bench Icona Pdf

The Tubular Motors Testing Bench equipment allows you to carry out a wide range of checks on the FINAL product: by reading the part number, the correct test sequence and acceptable tolerances can be activated automatically.

The machine can be integrated into process workflow management, any anomalies detected in the workflow are thus identified and quickly stopped, guaranteeing product quality, a drastic reduction in defective products and immediate action to avoid error propagation.

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Nitrogen and Helium Tightness Testing Bench Icona Pdf

The Nitrogen and Helium Tightness Testing Bench can be stand alone or integrated in an automatic assembly and testing line.

It verifies the tightness of complex machines with a maximum pressure of 25 bar through a double test with nitrogen (base tightness) and helium (to detect micro-leakages, with a proper sniffer positioned on a anthropomorphic robot).
The two testing stations are independent, each of them with its control cabinet with all the automation components for power supply and interface with pneumatic actuators and measurement transducers integrated in the system.

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Functional Subgroups Testing Bench Icona Pdf

The Functional Subgroups Testing Bench is designed In order to avoid the advance of NOK pieces in the following stations of the production process.

Sytec has developed different applications working as Process Quality Gates, they usually feature functional and performance testing of the single subgroups, whose assembling with other parts is due in the final assembly line of the finished product.

Target of this kind of test bench is the validation of the process of a single line or working station, making available the use of the subgroup in the next steps only if the test is passed

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