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Electric Car Battery Cell Assembly Line

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The assembly line of Cell for Electric Car Batteries is a turnkey Project integrated in automatic cycle with one injection moulding press to produce the complete co-moulded modular cell then composing the electric car battery.

Starting from the aluminium coils and the raw plastic feeding to the press, it automatically performs the operations of aluminium cells forming and blanking, transfer to the assembly lines, handling, orientation and insertion into the injection mould, unloading of the cells, quality controls, orientation, loading of trays and stacking of the trays to form the final pallet, ready to be shipped to the End user.

Cycle time: 35 sec/12 pcs (multi-cavity moulding cycle of 12 cells).

Production and control operations:

  • Forming and blanking of aluminium cells starting from coils.
  • Quality control of the aluminium cells with dedicated camera.
  • Buffer station of aluminium cells, fed by the production line, to allow production continuity at coils change.
  • Transfer, handling and orientation of the aluminium cells with electric units and shuttles.
  • High-rigidity cartesian robot with two units to load 6 aluminium cells each into the mould and unload 6 finished cells each from the mould.
  • Orientation and transfer to the quality control and dummy stations.
  • Vision systems to control the correct injection, the cleanliness of the aluminium surfaces – plates and wings without plastic scraps – and the presence and depths of holes.
  • Cartesian robot equipped with special dedicated multi-picking units to load the finished cells to the tray laying on a deposit station, transfer the full tray to the pallet being formed and load the empty tray to the deposit station.
  • Automatic conveyor chain to move the empty and full pallets.

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