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EOL Electric Gearmotors Testing Bench Icona Pdf

This application features configurable operative cycles to perform EOL functional tests on epicyclical gearboxes with integrated electric motor 15 kW maximum power, different power supply, up to 3000 Nm nominal torque.

The system includes the identification of the product entering the test bench through barcode reader, the integration with the Company IT network to receive the Product and order data and collect and manage the testing cycle key data and measurements.

Specific instruments and sensors for the tests cycles include digital milliohm tester and electrical safety tester, controlled motors and drives, phonometer and accelerometer, pressure transducers.

Configuration may include other specific instruments according to the requirements.

The base system configuration includes:

  • driving motor (integrated electric motor, speed control) and braking motor (torque control);
  • epicyclical gearbox (as a multiplier);
  • cinematic chain to connect the Product;
  • high rigidity precision seat for the Product;
  • hydraulic clamping of the Product interface plate to the bench;
  • interchangeable interface plates specific for different Products (mounted at the end of the assembly line);
  • hydraulically engaged clutch for brake tightness tests;
  • programmable power supply;
  • fast connection systems.

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Gearboxes and Gearmotors Handling & Testing Systems

Reference Line configuration:

  • Handling system for inserting the product in the line.
  • Pallet transport system motorized and with automatic return.
  • Press fitting machines for different components, with operator panel, specific programs from centralized system, control of the diagram force/position and management of OK/NOK operations.
  • Product’s tilting stations with PLC controlled axes, adjustable for different models, integrated to the press fitting machines or independent.
  • Assembling and control stations, manual or automatic,  with operator panel, specific programs from centralized system, operator’s feedback to allow transfer to following working stations, management of traceability of the assembled components and visualization of all provisions for the specific product.
  • Test bench automatic functional at the end of the line: electrical tests and short circuit, efficiency, noise, vibrations, gasket sealing, static brake hydraulic tightness, static brake mechanical tightness, temperature, oil contamination.
  • Management and Control software of the whole assembling and testing line, working programs setting and distribution to the different working stations, data collection data and back-up to relational database.

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Gearboxes and Gearmotors Testing Bench

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The Gearboxes and Gearmotors Testing Bench is a functional testing system which also allows stress tests to be conducted on the product. It is able to verify the mechanical and dynamic features of electric motor reducers, allowing the test sequence, which can be repeated up to a million times, to be configured parametrically in order to analyse the behaviour of the components, simulating use that is similar to their theoretical life.
The Gearbox Testing Bench is designed to provide the best results with gearboxes for electric motors, electric or hydraulic gearmotors.

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