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Household Components Assembly & Handling Bench Icona Pdf

The Household Components Assembly and Handling Bench combines assembly and testing solutions in a unique automatic isle reserved for a sub-group of households.

The operations performed on the bench are the following:

  • Manual loading/unloading of the product
  • Control of flatness of the closing surface of the product with the help of a laser sensor.
  • Loading the product : the antropomorphic robot transfer the OK piece to the proper seat.
  • Magnet insertion.
  • Magnet verification: a sensor verifies the exact orientation of the magnet (polarity) and its attraction force.
  • Coating magnet with resin.
  • Verification of resin coating : the 2D vision system verifies the correct uniform coating of the magnet and that no resin is out of the seat of the magnet.
  • Unloading the product.

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Coffee Machine Units Testing Bench Icona Pdf

The coffee units are one of the crucial elements in beverage vending machines: as they are made of plastic material, it is essential to carry out an initial run-in of the subgroup to then verify the functional parameters, that is, the motor absorption and check of the hydraulic circuit seal. The testing sequence therefore provides for an initial product run-in by simulating a series of product dispensation in sequence with the liquid at the temperature expected during use.

The tests conducted in the Coffee Machine Units Testing Bench are:

  • Electric absorption checking on specific points of the system in rotation
  • Seal under pressure checking of a hydraulic circuit

All the stages can be customised with a configurable “testing recipe”. The information collected is made available to the company Information Systems in order to guarantee testing data traceability for every tested product (as they are marked with a unique serial number).

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HMI Household Appliances Testing Bench Icona Pdf

Dashboards and interface panels on household appliances or electronic equipment are the only HMI domestics users have with the product. Proper operation is obviously indispensable, despite being “taken for granted” by the user: therefore, quality checks are necessary, to express judgement not only on the functionality of the buttons but especially on the perception of quality that is transmitted to the user.
Taken this into account, Sytec Group has developed the HMI Household Appliances Testing Bench to test functions of touch interface or traditional buttons interface, integrating a series of specific measurements that are configurable based on the model. These are systems dedicated to multi-product testing, with simple error-proof tooling modes, as each different model can be checked by the system and shown to the operator in real time.

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