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Electronic Boards Testing Bench

The Electronic Boards Testing Bench aims to measure the performance data of the electronic boards during prolonged operation under thermal stress. It is applied to a defined percentage of produced boards to validate the entire production batch.

Thermal stress simulates the harshest conditions in which the DUT will be used. The boards are put into a climatic chamber that can perform completely configurable and automatic thermoregulation cycles. Simultaneously, boards are cyclically powered, activating all the possible functions, thanks to the preparation of appropriate loads downstream. The Test Engineer adjusts the test sequence at will in order to replicate a typical operating sequence or simulating, when necessary, sequences that are harsher or considered critical.

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Electrical and Functional Testing Bench Icona Pdf

The Electrical and Functional Testing Bench performs the EOL (end of the line) Electrical and Functional tests of different products. This application is applied when Products require the safety electrical tests according to the regulations in force, the functional electrical tests according to the electrical technical specifications of the Product and a set of functional and performance tests specific of the Product.

The system high flexibility also allows for the integration of manually operated tests and operations through specific visual instructions shown in the panel.

The operating cycles are completely programmable and the machine features all the safety devices for the operator’s protection according to regulations.

The test bench key components are all high quality and easily supplied from the market, the design is completely open for future eventual hardware and/or software integrations.

This feature grants the end user high flexibility of operations, ease of updates in time and the possibility of integration of new products and new tests.

The bench can be integrated with an existing worktable or come with a specifically designed support with the due safety devices.

It can be easily moved to different production lines thanks to the pivot wheels with parking brakes

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