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Automotive Subgroups Assembly Island Icona Pdf

The island automatically performs assembly, control, marking and unloading into dedicated boxes of automotive gears units functional subgroups, managing and controlling the different combinations of the components in accordance with the production batch.

The application uses several different automation and control technologies, specifically integrated and customized to the functional and production time targets; overall dimensions are fitting a limited available space.

The production batch of every component is identified by a barcode reader.

Components are automatically fed, the distinctive dimensions (inner and outer diameters, length, colour) are controlled, OK parts are loaded into high precision dedicated seats positioned on a rotary ring.

The use of a rotary ring table grants high precision and speed performances and an optimal efficient distribution of the working stations.

The ring working stations perform the insertion of a metal bushing, the press fitting of a plastic insert into the bushing, the insertion of a plastic sleeve and the edging of the bushing to complete the assembly, the rotation test of the sleeve, the marking of OK parts and their final unloading into boxes.

NOK parts are separately unloaded in every working station.  Watch Video.

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