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The Automatic Screwing Bench with torque and angle control is a very efficient solution for operation of repetitive screwing with critical impact on the whole assembly process. High production rate is granted with the use of a rotary table.

The bench is integrated in the process flow management system of the assembly line so that only the parts which have passed the previous quality gates are processed. A serial number is assigned to each component at the beginning of the process through every working stage to the end of the line. The rotary table allows for hidden loading and unloading times so that the production rate depends only on the screwing cycle and rotation of the table. The vibrators integrate with the screwing system allows for a good working range. The main advantage is the repeatability of the screwing process, with the torque and angle control specific for each different screws of the product. The identification of each component at the beginning of the line with a serial number grants that no NOK part can proceed to next steps. In this way the non conformity of the complete functional subgroups has been minimized.

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