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Automatic Painting Hangers Cleaning Line Icona Pdf

The process of managing the cleaning of the painting hangers frames from the paint deposited on the points of contact with the Product following painting in cataphoresis systems is often an important burden in economic and logistical terms.

Sytec offers a fully automatic solution that allows the flexible management of the entire process within the manufacturing company.

The application consists of a robotic island for loading and unloading the hangers and transferring them into a cabin dedicated to cleaning by lasers moved by robots.

Cycle time: depending on the contact points to be cleaned.

Process operations:

  • Picking up the hangers to be cleaned from a dedicated warehouse (service robot).
  • Hanger model recognition with camera and loading of the dedicated program.
  • Depositing the hangers to be cleaned on a chain conveyor system moving through the cleaning cabin.
  • Cleaning of hangers with fiber laser (2 cleaning robots).
  • Picking up the clean hangers from the chain conveyor at the cabin exit (service robot).
  • Hanger straightening and storage on a dedicated warehouse.

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