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Assembly and Testing Isles and Lines

Automotive Functional Subgroups Assembly Solution The application uses several different automation and control technologies, specifically integrated and customized to the functional and production time targets; overall dimensions are fitting a limited available space.
Electric Car Battery Cell Assembly Line The application automatically performs the operations of aluminium cells forming and blanking, transfer to the assembly lines, handling, orientation and insertion into the injection mould, unloading of the cells, quality controls, orientation, loading of trays and stacking of the trays to form the final pallet.
Cylinders Assembly Line The line automatically performs assembly and palletizing operations of gas springs, connecting in an integrated workflow a range of Products with different components configuration features and variable dimensions in terms of diameter and length.

Sytec Group engineers and builds bespoke turnkey Assembly and/or Testing Solutions aimed to Automate any type of production system; solutions ranging from single specialised assembly machines to complete fully automated production lines.

Every industry has its own peculiarities that make it unique; a combination of technologies and human factor, production requirements and timelines that requires a careful examination to find the most suitable solution to the specific needs; the perfect combination between costs and benefits.

Thanks to the experience gained in the Automation fields, Sytec Group is able to provide Assembly and Testing Machines and Lines modulating the degree of automation to the customer requirements; Sytec Group provides industrial customers with ISO 9001 certified services and the peace of mind which comes with high-quality work

Pallet lines, transfers, rotary tables and rings, robots, handling systems, clamping systems, press fitting, screwing, metering, ultrasonic welding, riveting and marking islands… combined technologies to achieve the best possible performances.