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The line automatically performs assembly and palletizing operations of gas springs, connecting in an integrated workflow a range of Products with different components configuration features and variable dimensions in terms of diameter and length.

The change of batch between different models is managed with no need of any set up; the components’  identification and control at entering the line lead to of the automatic calibration of tools and working stations along the line.

The application uses several different automation and control technologies, specifically integrated and customized to the functional and production time targets.

Steel bushings, stems and cylindric bodies of the Product are fed through dedicated dynamic warehouses, controlled and assembled with the relevant components before entering the main line.

The main line is made of different working stations, fed by a Cartesian axes transfer system up to the final palletizing of the Products into dedicated boxes.

Assembly and control operations:

  • Dynamic warehouses for bushing, stem and cylinder body feeding, with consistency control of all components entering the line;
  • Automatic feeding, robot screwing and control of valves and plugs on the main body;
  • Automatic laser marking and Datamatrix reading for system supervision and traceability;
  • Cartesian axes main line to transfer the components along the different working stations for assembly, control and palletizing;
  • Automatic grease dosing with controlled axes for the different components;
  • Automatic and controlled press fitting with automatic tools change;
  • Automatic gas filling unit with control;
  • Automatic feeding, control, orientation and insertion of plastic markers of different diameter;
  • Automatic palletizing and pallets transfer at the end of the line.

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